Sample Config File Format

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Sample Config files are used to store settings for operating systems, server processes, and software applications. To store the settings which are specific to the respective software, various programs use CFG or CONFIG file extention. It is called as configuration file. Among these Sample Config files some of them are plain text files and some are stored in a format which is specific to the program.

One of the examples of  Sample Config file is MAME configuration file. It uses CFG file to store keyboard settings in an XML based format. It also stores keyboard mapping settings and short shortcut keys.

Opening and editing the Sample Config file:

As most of the Config files are in plain text file format so for opening such files there is use of any text editor.

Some of the Config files hold the information for establishing connection to a Critix server. These files are called as Citrix Server Connection files.

Working of the Config files:

These files are used to configure the initial settings and parameters for computer programs. They are widely used for the operating system settings and server process.

The CONFIG Record design is utilized for server processes, programming applications, and working framework settings. A developer can compose code to train a product to peruse the design documents over and over after a specific season or period and apply the progressions to the flow interaction.

There are no authoritative principles or solid shows for CONFIG document syntax. For instance, Microsoft’s Web. config record has a place with the CONFIG document design,