Sample HEIC Files Download

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On this page, you can find a variety of sample HEIC files that you can download and use for testing. You can also edit, share, or use them for free.

Whether you are a photographer, designer, developer, everyone needs sample files for testing or any other purpose, our sample files are a valuable resource. They can help you understand the benefits of HEIC, test your software or device compatibility.

Apple made HEIC (High-Efficiency image Container), a fairly new image file format, in 2017. Compared to JPEG, which has been the standard for many years, it compresses images better and makes them look better.

Basic Information About HEIC File
Filename extension.heif, .heifs; .heic, .heics; .avci, .avcs; .avif
Internet media typeimage/heif, image/heif-sequence; image/heic, image/heic-sequence; image/avif
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI)public.heif, public.heic
Developed byMoving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
Type of formatImage Container Format
Extended fromISOBMFF
StandardISO/IEC 23008-12 (MPEG-H Part 12)

If you want to know more information about HEIC file format visit wikipedia.

We’ve included a variety of .HEIC image sizes for your customization. If you feel we have missed someone, please contact us.