Sample YAML File Download for Testing

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Sample YAML files download for Testing here for your demo purpose and you can free to use it.

YAML is a data serialization language and it is human readable. The recursive YAML acronym stands for the YAML Ain’t Markup Language. It is useful in the configuration files and those applications where the data is being transmitted or stored. It targets many of the languages like XML (Extensible Markup Language). YAML encodes the scalars. It is easy for humans to read as compared to JSON and XML.

Sample YAML File Download for Testing

There are many libraries for working with YAML available in most programming languages. YAML file states with the list.

Resistance to the delimiter collision:

Due to relying on the indention for the structure, the YAML is resistant to the delimiter. It is naturally insensitive to the braces and quotation marks. This makes it easy to define the special character.


There is no executable command in YAML. It is a data representation language. There is an inbuilt function to protect from the dangerous Python objects which are known as yaml.safe_load.

Most of the features of YAML are derived from C, Perl, HTML and other languages. It is a superset of JSON. There are multiple built-in merits such as self-referencing, comments and complex datatype support.

Sample YAML File Download for Testing

Sample YAML File for Download

I have added below sample YAML File that has Basic Small Data.

# Favorite fruit
- Yuzu
- Orange
- Pomelo

Sample YAML File for Testing

I have added below sample YAML File that has Employees Data.

- denial:
name: Denial Holy
job: PHP Developer
age: 22
- php
- js
- rockon:
name: Rockon Swans
job: JS Developer
age: 25
- js
- html