Sample Ruby File Download

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You will find some sample Ruby file download option below for your reference. options, you will be able to go down and download it. Additionally, you are free to use it and share it with anyone else.

Ruby is a popular programing language which was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It runs on many platforms like Mac OS, Windows etc. From its time of establishment, many coders accept this language for the implementation of the best product. It is completely free which is another factor of its adoption in the world.
The other advantage of this language is its flexibility. The user can alter its part freely. A user can easily remove or redefine its essential parts. The existing parts can be easily added upon.
sample ruby file download
For running the Sample Ruby script we are simply using ‘puts’. For example, if we have to run the script about Hello World then it would be like this.
Puts ‘Hello World’

The other methods of running the ruby script are as follows:

Belowe we uploaded some Sample Ruby on Rails Script File just go through it.

Download Sample RB files