Sample TAR File Download for Testing

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TAR is also referred to as Tarball which is a file with TAR file extension. This is in the consolidated Unix archive format. It is a popular and widely used method because the TAR file format is storing multiple files in a single file. In older times the format was used with the tape drives which are operating with the fixed-size blocks.

The format of the TAR is consisting of a series of 512-byte records. There is a header record to the store the basic metadata and zero or more records containing any file data. The end of achieving is consisting of zero bytes which are indicated by two records.

Sample TAR File Download

In the Linux and Unix system, it is a common format. However, it is only used for storing the data but not for compressing it.

The most common archive format can be open with zipping and unzip tools. The Unix system does not need any external programs to open the TAR files. This file format also does not support cryptography. The possibility of compressing the TAR package with the compression format is possible.

Sample RAR FIle for Testing Download