Multiple Sample MKV Video Files Download For Testing

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Here, You can get your sample MKV files for Testing purposes. let’s read some of the information about MKV Files.

MKV stands for Matroska Video file and this file has. MKV file extension. It is open-source and was released in December 2002. A Non-Profit organization is supporting the Matroska project. The MKV resembles video containers like MOV and AVI. Additionally, the video also supports images, audio and subtitle track like USF and SRT.

For the popular DivX plus software, MKV was also chosen as the default video container format. As this format supports rating, description, chapter point and art, it is seen as the carrier for high definition online video. The main use of the MKV format is in TV shows, movies, and short video clips.

sample mkv file

Key features:

Playing of MKV files:

Like any other file, MKV files are easy to open and play. A user just needs to double-click on the file. Well this strategy is fine with one or two files but if you are dealing with the collection of 10 videos belongs to 10 different places; there may be a chance of facing an issue.

VLC is the best option to play MKV files. MVP, KMPlayer, MKV File Player, DivXPlayer and The Core Media Player are some other MKV players that could be used when the user is on Windows.

In general, there are two main methods to play MKV files one is by downloading the appropriate codecs for the media player and another one is using MKV compatible media player. The MKV is not much popular in the market and not all media players support this format.

Converting an MKV file:

To convert an MKV file to a different video format one could follow a free video file converter. Programs like Freemake Video Converter can be also used to convert the MKV to AVI, MOV, and MP4. If you want to copy a DVD to the MKV format then Freemake Video Converter is the best option.

Sample MKV File for Testing

You can get some testing files here: appropriate AVI Sample Video.