Sample ico Files for Testing

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Sample ICO Files for testing  is here. You can download it and modify it for any reuse in any place.

This kind of file format is for computer icons. The ICO image file format contains one or more tiny images at multiple color depths and sizes.

Sample icon file for Testing

Due to multiple sizes, an appropriate scaling at different screen resolutions could be done. In windows, the executable files are saved in the ICO format. This kind of file consists of an icon header and icon directory.

The icon header stores the general information about the ICO file. On the other hand, the directory consists of ICONDIR structure. Due to the support of various image sizes in the single file, there are many sample ICO files available for designers.

There are two bitmaps stored within each ICO file with less than 32 bits.

• AND bitmap which is an image mask
• XOR bitmap which contains the icon, mapped on the image mask

The common ICO filename is favicon.ico. This small image represents a logo of a website at the top left side. This 16X16 pixel of the image is stored in the root directory of the website. In this way, the web browse recognizes this icon.

The other image file format on the Microsoft window is CUR. The ICNS file format serves the same purpose of ICO file in macOS.

Sample ICO File for Download

I have added below sample ICO File.

Sample ICO File for Testing

I have added below sample ICO File for Testing.

Sample ICO Image File

I have added below sample ICO Image File.

Here, We have added different size ICO images for you. But we missed any then just let us know.