Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby on Rails tutorial

The Rails Philosophy: DRY – “Don’t Repeat Yourself” Convention Over Configuration: Means that Rails makes assumptions about what you want to do and how you’re going to do it, rather than requiring you to specify every little thing through endless configuration files. Above command generate new rails application based on current rails version. The number …

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convert object to hash ruby

Convert object to hash ruby

Get Ruby Object (that you need to convert to hash) into one variable. Below method will convert your Ruby Object into hash. Find below link for details about Hash:

RSpec Example

RSpec Example

First Step for creating RSpec. Describe the block used to group all test cases and specify which class is testing. Next, it block is a test case name that was written in describe block. Test case Example Before creating the above test case you need to create Sum class and add method with two arguments. …

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RSpec for ruby on rails

RSpec for Ruby on Rails

At this time we need all thing automation. It’s Good for user/company they no need to test code it will be tested automatically and RSpec test cases for ruby on rails used for the same. RSpec is a unit test case framework for Ruby language. We also consider RSpec as a tool for Ruby. RSpec …

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