Sample WMV Video File For Demo Use

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Here, You can get your sample WMV Video files for Testing purposes. let’s read some of the information about WMV Files. if you want to check other Sample video formats.

Microsoft introduced the Windows Media Video (WMV) compression format in the year 1999. The main use of this compression is to transform. ASF videos into WMV files. The format of such files is binary. The original purpose behind designing the WMV is for internet streaming applications. The WMV version 9 was mainly adapted for the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc kind of physical delivery formats.

Sample WMV File

A WMV is stored in the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF) and with the help of the Windows Media Video compression method, it is compressed. To play such video files you need to use Microsoft media players like Windows Media Player and Microsoft Movies & TV. It may be encrypted well with the help of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems.

In general, the WMV files are packed into the ASF container format but they can be put into the Matroska (with file extension .mkv) or AVI container format (with file extension .avi).

WMV files can be played with a Microsoft media player and also can be streamed over the internet. The default video file format is Windows Media Player.

With the decline in the popularity of Windows Media Player, the WMV file format has also become out of favor. However, MP4 files are more popular than WMV files.

Sample WMV Video File for Testing

How to open WMV file?

There are varieties of media players used to open WMV files which are as follows.

Opening of WMV files in Windows: This file is compatible with

Open WMV files with Video Studio

The main purpose of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection is to prevent a user from making unauthorized copies of files.