Sample WMA Files Download for Testing

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WMA is a popular digital audio format that is widely used for music streaming and downloads. If you are looking to download sample wma files for personal or professional use there are various options for you to download samples of wma files for free.

WMA Audio Files Download

Windows Media Audio (WMA) was Developed by microsoft in aug 1999. WMA is a lossless audio format. That means the WMA file did not lose any data while you compressed the audio file.

So scroll down and download the sample WMA file now and learn more about the WMA Audio file at WMA Wiki.

Basic Information About WMA Audio File Format
Filename extension.wma
Internet media typeaudio/x-ms-wma
Developed byMicrosoft
Initial releaseAugust 17, 1999; 23 years ago
Type of formatAudio

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