Sample RTF File for Testing Download

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Here, You can able to download a Sample RTF File for Testing and it’s free to use when and where you need it.

A Rich Text File is a document file format that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is very simple to use and does not spread the virus. It does not use macros that simply mean if you send the file in RTF then you can ensure that harmful macros are not sent accidentally.

In other words, it is defined as a method of encoding formatted graphics and text. It could be used with different output devices and operating systems. The software which turns to an RTF file is called a writer.

Sample RTF File for Testing

RTF is also referring to as internal markup language which Microsoft word use. This format also supports the image formats like PNG, JPEG and Enhanced Metafile. The writers of RTF usually convert an inserted picture from an unsupported image.

It also supports the embedding of fonts; however, this is limited to some software implementations. Some of the generic font family names used for roman, modern and swiss are also supported by RTF. This format also supports annotations.

Today, RTF is widely used in professional work. It finds its application in many works.

Small RTF File for Testing

Medium RTF File for Testing