Professional Quotation Template in Excel

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What Is the Quotation?

A quotation refers to a formal document outlining the details and price of a proposed service or product for a client. It’s essentially a persuasive offer outlining the value and serves as a stepping stone towards securing a sale.

Why Use an Excel Quotation Template?

Excel offers a robust and user-friendly platform to design and manage your quotations. Here’s why it’s a our first choice:

  • Increased Efficiency: quote creation with pre-defined elements like your company logo, contact details, and standard terms. Simply fill in project detail for each client.
  • Accurate Calculations: Use Excel formulas for automatic calculations like totals, discounts, and taxes. Save time and avoid errors.
  • Professional Presentation: Maintain a professional look for all quotes. Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to match your brand.
  • Easy Data Management: Store and manage your quotation history electronically. This simplifies record-keeping and retrieval of past quotes.

Building Your Quotation Template in Excel :

Here are the 7 essential fields to include in your template:

  1. Your Company: Display your company name, logo, contact details, and website.
  2. Quote Details: Include a unique quote number, date issued, and how long it’s valid.
  3. Client Info: Add the client or company name, contact person, email, and phone number.
  4. Project Description: Briefly explain the work or products you’re offering.
  5. Breakdown of Costs: Create a table listing each item (product or service) with a clear description, quantity, price per unit, and total price.
  6. Final Price: Show subtotals, any discounts, and the final quoted amount.
  7. Payment Terms: Clearly state when the payment is due and accepted payment methods.

Quotation Template in Excel

In this page, you can easily download Quotation template for your company which will help you to easily edit it for you or your company. Furthermore, you can share it with your friends circle. Check out the different types of designs given below for your company, organizations and personal use.


Quotation Template Design 1

Quotation Template 2

Quotation Template in Excel 2

Quotation Template Design (Excel) 3

interior quotation format 4

Interior Quotation Format 4

catering quotation template 5

Catering Quotation Template 5

formal quote template excel 6

Formal Quote Template Excel 6

professional quote template 7

Professional Quote Template 7

simple quotation format 8

Simple Quotation Format 8

business quotation template 9

Business Quotation Template 9

website design quote template 10

Website Design Quote Template 10

blank quote template excel 11

Blank Quote Template Excel 11

fillable quote template 12

Fillable Quote Template 12

quotation template excel free download 13

Quotation Template Excel Free Download 13

small business quote template 14

Small Business Quote Template 14

sales quotation template 15

Sales Quotation Template 15

free quote template excel 16

Free Quote Template Excel 16

best quotation format in excel 17

Best Quotation Format in Excel 17

cleaning quotation template excel 18

Cleaning Quotation Template Excel 18

quotation sample excel 19

Quotation Sample Excel 19

cctv quotation format in excel 20

CCTV Quotation Format in Excel 20

civil work quotation format in excel 21

Civil Work Quotation Format in Excel 21

interior design quotation format in excel 22

Interior Design Quotation Format in Excel 22

free quotation template excel 23

Free Quotation Template Excel 23

Rate Quotation Format Excel 24

Rate Quotation Format Excel 24

simple quotation format in excel 25

Simple Quotation Format in Excel 25

quotation bill format in excel 26

Quotation Bill Format in Excel 26

solar system quotation format excel 27

Solar System Quotation Format Excel 27

roofing quotation template 28

Roofing Quotation Template 28

it services quote template 29

IT Services Quote Template 29

service quote form excel 30

Service Quote Form Excel 30

professional quotation format in excel 31

Professional Quotation Format in Excel 31

Software Development Quotation Format In Excel 32

Software Development Quotation Format In Excel 32

photography quote template 33

Photography Quote Template 33

sample quotation in excel 34

Sample Quotation in Excel 34

building quote template 35

Building Quote Template 35

home repair estimate template 36

Home Repair Estimate Template 36

Simple Quotation Format 37

quote template design 38

Latest Quote Template Design 38

sample quotation for service 39

Sample Quote for Services 39

graphic design quote template 40

Graphic Design Quote Template 40

contractor estimate template 41

Contractor Estimate Template 41

videography quote template 42

Videography Quote Template 42

Quote Example Template 43

printable quote template 44

Printable Quote Template 44

vehicle repair estimate template 45

Vehicle Repair Estimate Template 45

project quote template 46

Project Quote Template 46

renovation quote template 47

Renovation Quote Template 47

construction quotation template excel 48

Construction Quotation Template Excel 48

Free Business Quote Template 49

price estimate template 50

Price Estimate Template Excel 50

formal quotation template 51

Formal Quotation Template Excel 51

quotation format excel template 52

Quotation Format Excel Template 52

sample quotation for food catering 53

Sample Quotation for Food Catering 53

Sample Quotation Template xls 54

Sample Quotation Template xls 54

Free Quotation Format xls 55

Free Quotation Format xls 55

Simple Quotation Format in Excel Free Download 56

Simple Quotation Format in Excel Free Download 56

Quotation Format in Excel with GST 57

Quotation Format in Excel with GST 57

service quote template excel 58

Service Quote Template Excel 58

Wedding Photography Quotation Format 59

Wedding Photography Quotation Format 59

Company Quote Template Excel 60

Company Quote Template Excel 60