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Sample Perl Script is a reliable, cross-platform programming language. It is used in both the public and private sectors for mission-critical projects.Perl was developed by Larry Wall who was working as a system administrator for NASA. Thiscripting Perl S programing language is having rich libraries of functions. The most frequently used part of the pearl is a print function. To send information to the file or displaying things on the screen this is the most used function.

Programs which are written in the pearl are called as Perl scripts. On the other side programs which execute the Perl scripting are called Perl programs.

Key features of Perl Script


There are statements in the Perl program and each of them ends with the semicolon. As compared to the other languages this is better appreciated. It is a well -played language with a personal programing style. The slogan of the pearl is ‘There’s more than one way to do it’.

Numbers and strings are the two basic data types in  Sample Perl Script. Numbers are simple while the strings are a bit complicated. The interpreter of Perl Script can also be embedded into the other system which is another factor to consider it.

As far as if the variables are considered, there are three types of variables which are array, scalars and hashes. There are many other different functions which are used for flow control.