TSV File

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The full form of TSV is Tab Separated Values which is used for raw data. This can be exported from and imported into spreadsheet software. These are text files and with the help of a text editor, the raw data can be easily viewed. The text editor is also used when moving raw data between spreadsheet. The file extension of this format is .tsv.

The tab-separated value file content includes scientific, text, mathematical or statistical data. These data are separated into columns and rows. The tab-separated value files resemble the CSV files. Column data are separated by commas in place of tabs. Likewise, the row data are separated by lines of space. The TSV file is integrated with the spreadsheet. Many text editing programs and word processing applications are used to open and view the TSV files content.

Opening of TSV file:

Double click on the tsv file or any other file which you wish to open. If the files association is set up correctly then the application will open the tsv file. You may also need to download or purchase the correct application for this work. A user can also tell Windows which application is right for the particular file. Like this, the application will open the correct file.