How to create a JSON file?

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Here are two options for creating a new JSON document.

  1. Using Text Editor
  2. Using Online Tools


Are you looking for JSON Files then It’s Here.

The JSON file contains a JSON Object and an Array.

The MIME type for JSON text is “application/JSON”

For more information about JSON File check out

If you want to Download the direct JSON Files check out the sample JSON file. Here, You can find all types of sample JSON files that you can download and modify according to your uses.

Let's start creating a JSON file:

1. Using Text Editor:

To create a JSON file, simply open the file in any text editor, paste the code below into it, and save the file with the.json extension.

You can save this file like “sample-son.json”.

    "firstName": "Rack",
    "lastName": "jackson",
    "gender": "man",
    "age": 24,
    "address": {
        "streetAddress": "126 Udhna",
        "city": "san jone",
        "state": "CA",
        "postalCode": "394221"
    "phoneNumbers": [
        { "type": "home", "number": "7383627627" }

Check out the below link for “Save a file in JSON format using Notepad++”.

2. Using Online Tools:

Go into JSON Parser online web tools which the link provides below.

Simply copy and paste your JSON data into the box on the left. download this file by clicking on the download icon, or it will download the JSON document.

A second option is a JSON parser that provides sample JSON data that you can use and will allow downloading.

json parser

If you have a JSON file or document already, you can upload it to this tool, make some changes to the objects in the array that make up the JSON, and then download the newly modified, valid JSON file.

This tool is also useful for converting a plain text file into JSON. Simply copy and paste a text file or upload a file using the open file button for instant JSON validation.

How to Open JSON File

You need to save the above code with the .json extension.

More details about how to create a JSON file? you can find out below details:

The JSON file can be accessed via URL. 

It’s a Plain text file so, you can also directly open that file.

You can add this file to the server and use it via URL and directly format through JSON Beautifier Tool. Like

You can refer to to display data in the proper format and you can compare it to JSON file =>