Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Download Sample PowerPoint Presentation for Demo Use

Sample PowerPoint presentation for you to test when you need and view how it looks like. Checkout below Sample PPT Presentation: Below PowerPoint Presentation, the sample has content 4-5 sample Pages with Image, Chart & Table. 10 MB sample PPT File Report PPT PPT Sample with Images PPT Sample with Video Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is …

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Sample Sql File

SQL Sample Tables with Data [Download]

Here, We Provide you to SQL sample tables with data. find below post for more information regarding the sample SQL file. We provide Data and SQL File with Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Postgres, SQLite You can download any of that for your testing. Label : SQL Extension : sql MIME Type : application/x-sql Check out …

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sample excel file for analysis

Download Sample Excel Data For Analysis

Here, you can find sample excel data for analysis that will be helping you to test. You can modify any time and update as per your requirements and uses. Excel has different types of formats like Xls and Xlsx. What is Excel? Microsoft Excel is used for calculation, charts data, and store calculation properly arrange …

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sample docx file for testing

Sample docx file for testing

Sample Docx file for testing, Find below information for better understanding. You can download a sample Word document for your testing and you can modify and update it as per your uses otherwise tell us for more files as per your size and requirements. Find below a Word document example that you can download, update …

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Sample pdf Files for Testing

Free Sample pdf Files for Testing [Download]

Sample PDF files for testing, Here we have tried to add all types of sample PDF books for different use. You can find your file according to your uses. if you did not find a relevant file then contact us for support. So here are the some sample pdf files that you can download easily.  What is …

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Sample json file

4 New Sample JSON Files and APIs Download

The sample JSON file is available here for download and viewing. You can download and edit it to fit your needs. Nowadays mostly all cross-platform is used JSON objects and data for communication.  So, Here we added some different types of JSON data and files for download and uses. If you want to different file …

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