css full form

CSS Full form

Here, You can find CSS Full Form and Details. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, Its a one on of programming language that is used for Style and Designing Web Pages. It is used with HTML and JavaScript. This website is running on Web Browser and Display Web Pages. You can check more information on …

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full screen chrome

Best 3 tricks to full screen chrome

Here, I have described the best 3 tricks to full-screen chrome for Windows, Mac, and others. With the full screen, we will comfortable in its uses. we will be enjoying the movie and other reading activities with full screen. Enable Full-Screen Chrome in Windows: There are 3 Tricks available to enable for windows. Through Menu: …

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Sample ZIP File

Sample ZIP Files

Here, You can find multiple sample zip files for your testing purpose and you can download it. Zip files are lossless data compression archive file format. ZIP files have a “.zip” extension. Sample ZIP File I have added below sample file that has 10.2 kB size. and that contains a text file. check out – …

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Sample Video File

11 Sample video files | MP4 sample download

Sample Video files for testing purposes are listed below. Check out the below sample video and download files and use the URL for your testing. https://www.learningcontainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/sample-mp4-file.mp4 Sample MP4 File MP4 file is known as MPEG-4 format for video. This file format is commonly used on the internet for downloading and streaming video. Check – https://www.learningcontainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/sample-mp4-file.mp4 …

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sample xml file

Sample XML File

The sample XML(Extensible Markup Language) file will provide you file that contains XML data that will be used for your testing purpose. XML files look like HTML files but XML has its custom tags. XML files are also viewed in the browser and it is human and machine-readable. It is editable by any text editor. …

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Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Sample PowerPoint presentation

Sample PowerPoint presentation for you to test when you need and view how it looks like.   Checkout below Sample PPT Presentation: Below PowerPoint Presentation, the sample has content 4-5 sample Pages with Image, Chart & Table.     10 MB sample PPT File     Report PPT     PPT Sample with Images   …

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