Sample Rich Text Files

Sample RTF File for Testing Download

Here, You can able to download a Sample RTF File for Testing and it’s free to use when and where you need it. A Rich Text File is a document file format that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is very simple to use and does not spread the virus. It does not use macros …

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Sample Open Document Spreadsheet

Sample ODS file Download for Testing

Here, you can find some information regarding the ODS file and Sample ODS File Download for Testing. The full form of ODS is OpenDocument Spreadsheet document format which a user can easily edit. The data is stored into rows and columns inside the ODF file. The format of this file is based on the XML …

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Sample Open Text Document Files

Sample ODT File Download for Testing

Here, Sample ODT File Download for Testing. Just Check below list of Open Document Format for Office Applications is a ZIP compressed XML based file format. It is used in charts, spreadsheets and presentations. The other name of this format is OpenDocument. The main aim to develop this is to provide an open XML-based file …

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Sample Open Document Presentation

Sample ODP file Download for Testing

Here, You can Download the ODP File for Testing. ODP is a file extension which is used by in the OASIS Open Document standard. In other words it is defined as XML based open source. The Open Document Format is used for saving spread sheet, charts, and presentation. It is defined as a format …

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Sample TSV Files

TSV File

The full form of TSV is Tab Separated Values which is used for raw data. This can be exported from and imported into spreadsheet software. These are text files and with the help of a text editor, the raw data can be easily viewed. The text editor is also used when moving raw data between …

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Sample BMP File For Testing

Download Sample Bmp File Format for Testing

The Sample BMP file for Testing is here for your purpose. you can reuse it or modify it as per your need. The other name of the BMP file format is a bitmap image file which is a raster graphics image file format. It was developed as Device Independent Bitmap (DIB). It means bitmap specifies …

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Sample YAML Files

Sample YAML File Download for Testing

Sample YAML files download for Testing here for your demo purpose and you can free to use it. YAML is a data serialization language and it is human readable. The recursive YAML acronym stands for the YAML Ain’t Markup Language. It is useful in the configuration files and those applications where the data is being transmitted …

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Sample Image File for Testing

Sample image files download for Testing

Sample image files download for Testing here for your demo purpose and you can free to use it. Images are a great way to convey the message with art. In some sense, they are powerful than text. To store and organize the digital images there are image file formats. Using these formats, it is easy …

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Sample GIF file for Testing

Download Sample GIF Files for Testing

Here, You can find Sample GIF File for Testing that you can download and modify as per your uses. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. This image format is a common format used on the World Wide Web. In this format, the LZW compression algorithm is used. Unisys owned this algorithm. Some companies need a …

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Sample ICO File for Testing

Sample ico Files for Testing

Sample ICO Files for testing  is here. You can download it and modify it for any reuse in any place. This kind of file format is for computer icons. The ICO image file format contains one or more tiny images at multiple color depths and sizes. Due to multiple sizes, an appropriate scaling at different …

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